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Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.

Margaret Mead



To keep learning and teaching we have introduced a new way of studying. Introducing LIVE Classes where children can learn in the comfort of their home, safely and easily.

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In Little Learners Preschool our services are comprehensive, but seeing is believing. That is why we invite you to visit our Little Learners Preschool. Our enjoyable Little Learners Preschool courses will nurture your child’s interest in the English Bengali and Hindi language. Through interactive lessons held in a friendly and secure learning environment, we will develop your child’s literacy and social skills helping them to speak with confidence and preparing them for Primary 1.


We provide Bilingual (Bengali/English & Hindi / English) Education. We have a strong Learning Support Department which works with children who need extra support with mathematics, language, literacy, and reading. Our classwork is mostly a topic/theme based with a strong emphasis placed on language, expression, imagination, art, and music. History, Geography, Art-and-Craft, and Science and Technology are incorporated into these centers of interest, as well as taught separately. Music, Drama, PE, and Library are in the weekly syllabus for all children. The children are taught in whole-class, group, and individual sessions

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Admission has already started, contact the school office for more information.

[ 14 November, 2020]

Wishing a Happy Children’s Day to all our youthful kids. May you keep smiling through your life and emerge as a good human being.

Also, wish all a bright and prosperous Diwali, wish this Diwali will end all the evil and bless the world with virtuous news.

[ 09 October, 2020 ]

Littleleaners Pre School has started Online Classes, keeping on mind the current situation and to avoid physical contact with our beloved students, parents can take the advantage of the same. For more information please contact the school office as early as possible. No extra charges are needed, apart from the monthly fees.

এখন স্কুলের প্রতিটি শ্রেণীর Online Class চালু আছে । ইচ্ছুক অভিভাবককে যে কোনো একটি Whatsapp নম্বর এবং GMAIL ID দিলেই চলবে । স্বাভাবিক মাসিক বেতন ছাড়া অন্য কোনো অতিরিক্ত খরচ নেওয়া হবে না।

अब स्कूल मे हर कक्षा के लिए Online Class चालू है। इस Online Class के लिये अभिभावको को एक Whatsapp Number ओर एक Email Id देना पड़ेगा ।Normal Monthly Fees के इलाबा कोई Extra Payment नेही देना होगा ।

[ 21 July, 2020 ]

According to the recent norms from the government, starting from 22nd July,2020 the whole of Baranagar will remain in Complete Lockdown from 11:00 pm daily. In respect of the advisory our School Office will remain open from 9:00 am till 10:30 am until further notice. But also keeping in mind of the two days of Absolute Lockdown (which will be issued by the government every week) in between this day (Monday to Friday) the school office will remain close for those days of Absolute Lockdown.

Parents/Guardians are advised to make a phone call in the school number before visiting the school office (the phone line will be available if the school office is open at the time).

পশ্চিমবঙ্গ সরকারের নির্দেশিকা অনুযায়ী সমগ্র বরাহনগর থানা এলাকা সকাল ১১’০০টার থেকে সম্পূর্ণ লকডাউন ঘোষণা করা হয়েছে। সেই জন্য বর্তমানে ( পুনরায় ঘোষণা পর্যন্ত ) বিদ্যালয় অফিস ( সোমবার থেকে শুক্রবার ) সকাল ৯’০০টা থেকে ১০’৩০ পর্যন্ত খোলা থাকবে। কিন্তু এই সোমবার থেকে শুক্রবারের মধ্যে যে সকল দিন পুরোপুরি বন্ধ রাখার নির্দেশ আসবে,সেই দিনগুলো বন্ধ থাকবে।স্কুলে আসার আগে অবশ্যই ফোন করে নেবেন। ( অফিস খোলা থাকলে ফোন লাইন চালু থাকবে ) ।

पश्चिम बंगाल सरकार के नये निर्देश आनुसार पूरा बराहनगर थाना एलाका में सुबह 11:00 बजे से LOCKDOWN घोषणा किया गया है । इसीलिए ( फिर से नये घोषणा तक ) विद्यालय कार्यालय ( Office ) सोमबार से शुक्रवार सुबह 09:00 से 10:30 बजे तक खुला रहेगा , अगर इस बीच सरकार द्वारा निर्देश दिया जाये पूरा LOCKDOWN के लिए तो , उन दिनों विद्यालय पूरा बंद रहेगा । विद्यालय में आने से पहले जरूर फोन करके आइये । ( कार्यालय [Office] खुला रहने से विद्यालय का फोन चालू रहगा ) ।