Every problem has a solution, every student has a talent. This new year make full use of your potential and talent. Happy new year to you and your family.

 Admission going on for Playgroup(Lower Nursery), Nursery, Lower Kindergarten, and Upper Kindergarten 


Our services are comprehensive, but seeing is believing. That is why we invite you to visit our Little Learners Preschool. Our enjoyable Little Learners Preschool courses will nurture your child’s interest in the English Bengali and Hindi language. Through interactive lessons held in a friendly and secure learning environment, we will develop your child’s literacy and social skills helping them to speak with confidence and preparing them for Primary 1.

We are one of the best playgroup in Kolkata. Our awesome services makes every student to feel good in our
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We have some awesome services like practicing singing and dancing to our students. We provide all necessary services to grow
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No, this is not a traditional classroom concept of having benches and desks and having a teacher teaching with a
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